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a lot of what we're seeing is ahead of the cold front which will have the strongest rain and also wind. here's that flash flood watch. the most vulnerable areas will be the north bay and down the entire bay area coastline. the hot spot will be the north bay. three to six inches expected there and this is for quick rising water. we may see happen on the streets and our biggest concern when it come to rivers will be the guerneville river. that's where it will be heightened. you can see the river concerns will be going into monday where we do expect it to correct to 21.1 feet. it will get close to flood stage and a lot of people will be watching that russian river. right now the roadways are extremely wet. my biggest concerns are interstate 280 and highway 101. it is not heavy rainfall but it
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is enough to cause quite a few accidents. we'll track more of this rain and let you know how much each of you will be getting in your different neighborhoods and when that wind could gust to 50 miles an hour coming up throughout the show. >> thanks so much. we know the rain is coming. the big question now is will the weekend be a washout when it come to the major holiday events planned throughout the bay area. player marianne? >> reporter: the rain has been coming down all day. two major events. one is tomorrow night. the traditional tree lighting ceremony in the down plaza. and then there is the children's holiday parade at 11:00 a.m. on saturday morning. but there is a lot of heart in this city. because both these events will go on as planned despite the downpour. this train is a labor of love. you can see it in every colorful
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detail. >> we've been working on this since august. getting this ready. getting the platform ready and doing our last-minute things for the train. >> reporter: the train has been rolling around the hendricks' front yard for the past two years. now it is making its debut in the los gatos holiday parade even if it pours. >> we'll be prepared with plastic. >> reporter: organizers stay holiday parade has only been ranld out once in 56 years. they have no intention of canceling it. still, some participants are a little storm shy. >> we've had five cancellations at this point and we have 246 entries. we'll probably have another five to ten if it is like this. >> reporter: the annual tree lighting ceremony schedule for downtown los gatos tomorrow night will not go dark either because of the storm. and the open holiday parade which is drawn crowds of 100,000 peel in the past will keep on marching saturday afternoon. so grab your umbrella, bundle up
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and you'll have plenty to see this weekend. as we saw here at christmas in the park in downtown san jose, you'll likely be rewarded with short lines and plenty of elbow room. i asked the parade chairman if he really thought that they would see the crowds out here on saturday for the parade. even though it will be raining very strongly. and he said, look, there are hundreds of kids in this parade and parents will do a lot to see their kids. and raj, as parents, i know we can relate to that. >> absolutely. we'll see everyone out there. thank you. all this wet weather reportedly force ad brown pelican off course and into the backyard of a home in santa cruz. the wild rescue organization said it is very unusual to find a brown pelican in this area. they said the bird is weak and dehydrated and it was probably blown off course or simply confused. a look outside at downtown san francisco.
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it is beautiful. you can see we are on storm watch and we'll continue to track the weather throughout this newscast and this evening. remember, for the latest weather jump dates, you can also go to and you can send us your pictures. >> the cold-blooded murders of two teenage girls in oakland have a community reeling tonight. the girl just 15 and 16 were killed over the weekend in a hail of gun fire. and as jody hernandez reports, neighbors stay shootings are the tipping point for what already feels like a war zone. >> there will never be a day i won't miss my daughter. not one. >> reporter: she is beside herself. thinking about how her 16-year-old daughter bobby and her daughter's best friend, 15-year-old raquel, died. the two girls were brutally gunned down in an east oakland neighborhood early sunday morning. >>hese ladies were screaming like help! >> reporter: monique jefferson
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and jed hamilton were among the neighbors who ran to the girls' aid. they held her hand as she took her last breath. >> i was telling her to hold on. stay strong. >> reporter: neighbors say the killings are over the top even for oakland. with 116 people kill in the east bay city so far this year, some say it is time for the federal government to step in and take the reins of the police department. >> they need to come today. today. not safe for nobody. nobody. when it comes to females getting killed, that's when you know people ain't got a heart out here. >> our government is worried about terrorism. what about terrorism in our own neighborhood? >> reporter: it is still a mystery what led to the girls' killings and who is responsible. but those who knew and loved them are devastated. and want answers. >> all i know is whoever did this, i want justice for these little girls because nobody
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deserves this. >> i might look like trailer trash and you might think we're irrelevant but we aren't. you're messing with the wrong girl. new tonight at 6:00, fremont police cracking down on drugs and showing us their recent bust. investigators say a drug call -- drugs called bath salts and spice were being sold in two local shops. police seized the drugs and a raid in october at rocky smoke shom and monsters of rock smoke shop both in fremont. police arrested both store owners in that case. bath salts give people cocaine-like highs. this week officers found a woman who was high on bath salts in the middle of freedom boulevard. on the peninsula, palo alto police combed through a neighborhood for seven hours. searching for a man who broke into an apartment and attacked a woman. investigators say this is the latest in a string of attacks. here's the map. it happened early this morning on hawthorne avenue.
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police stay intruder broke the lock on the front door of the apartment and made his way inside. the woman who lives there, woke up, started screaming and struggled with the man and then took off. investigators say this could be the same man behind several recent groping attacks. they also want to know why he chose her apartment. >> downtown palo alto. we'll go through all of that to see if she was followed. if it is someone that specifically did take her out. >> terrifying. i'm glad i live with my boyfriend. >> it could have been a lot worse. police stay woman has a bruised wrist but that is all. the suspect is described as having an average build and was wearing a dark hooded jacket or sweatshirt. a state appeal court ruled that a former moraga middle school teach her stay behind bars for sexually abusing a student. last year former p.e. teacher julie kariya pleaded no contest to charges of abusing a minor and was sentenced to eight years in prison. the complaint was brought by
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this woman, now 30 years old and a swim coach. she claimed in her appeal that she had not been properly advise asked that her sentence was affected by the fact that the husband is an east bay prosecutor. now to a story you'll see only on nbc bay area. the san jose skyline could be getting a facelift. nbc bay area's dame i can't be trujillo has more on what the new city skyline could look like. >> reporter: the only thing holding them back is that clearance from the faa. but there is a possibility it could go up. it has that suburban feel. that's how one newcomer described her first impression of downtown san jose. >> when you flew in and you saw the skyline, did you say that's it? >> i drove in and i didn't see the skyline. downtown was my first
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destination and i didn't feel that downtown metropolitan feel. no. >> reporter: are san jose's hands are tied because downtown is in the flight path of airliners. and city leaders say that is costing city hall money. obviously if we had to build it, we would want to do that. more people bring more vibrancy to the downtown. it mean more feet on the sidewalk. more people using restaurants and retail and obviously, that attracts more business. >> reporter: the idea is up to the faa. the agency recently completed a pilot study at other airports, at emergency takeoff patterns. depending on the result of that study, the faa might allow taller buildings downtown. as it is now, the city has to give a local developer a lot of incentive to build a 22-story building here on the corner of market and santa clara street. ground news early next year. >> construction is very, very expensive. so often it doesn't make any
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sense financially for them to start construction unless they can build 30 or 40 stories. being able to have a few additional stories really ultimately determines whether the project is likely to move forward or not. >> reporter: at least one native says the current skyline adds to the character of san jose. >> i work in one of the buildings. being able to see out to the valley area, the mountains, it is nice. when you build buildings around buildings, that's all see. so i think it would ruin what's already there. >> reporter: the city master plan calls for a mini skyline in north san jose. an area not regulated by the faa. the main facelift downtown is in the hands of the feds. >> reporter: the fact is you will never see sky scrapers in downtown san jose. but proponents say it wouldn't hurt to add 10, maybe 20 stories to the current limit. we're live in downtown santa san jose. nbc bay area news. >> that would be very
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interesting. still ahead, a critical decision loom for the prop 8 in california. we'll have reaction from both sides and how fran is preparing for tomorrow's ruling. also, lotto fans rejoice. the new option coming to california and what it could mean for the state budget. plus -- >> reporter: and speaking of that state budget, in tonight's reality check, we look at redevelopments and whether or not claims are true that city governments could be bilked by the state out of their own land. good evening. i'm jeff ranieri in the weather center. we're tracking the storm as rain moves in across the bay.
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for decades, redevelop many served as a tool for cities until the great recession hit and california's governor dissolved them to save money. some local governments say they're losing more than they ever bargained for.
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in only the's reality check, sam brock examines one city's claim that the state of california might rob its taxpayers of hundreds of millions in assets. >> good evening. this subject matter is all on display in a letter sent to santa clara taxpayers in which the city's mayor warned the city might raid its cup boards and take properties not even participated for are w redevelop many funds. as crazy as that sounds, based on a legal technicality and a strict application of the law, it's true. they really could. in the classic 80s flick back to the future, michael j. fox has the luxury of going back in time of 30 years to be exact. can california governor jerry brown be trying to same feat? using the state code as his delorean. >> the state is the only one that can go back in time like back to the future and reset things.
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>> reporter: what santa clara mayor talking about? as part of his plan to patch a then $25 billion budget deficit, brown proposed dissolving redevelopment agencies in 2011. now, remember this date. january 10th, 2011. that's when brown unveiled the legislation. ab 1 x 26. sounds futuristic, doesn't it? the state is starting in 2011 redevelople agencies, quote, shall be unauthorized and shall not take certain actions that include the ability to pledge or encumber for any purpose any of its assets or revenues. closed quote. now fast forward six months. the governor signs the bill into law, applying it retroactively to january 1. but here's what happens in between. cities throughout california including santa clara scramble to shift all of the land and property assets that were under the redevelopment agency's name into the city's name. in santa clara, this includes real estate like the convention
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center and the 100 acres underneath great america. property originally purchased by the taxpayers of santa clara but later moved to the redevelopment agency in the '80s. because the recent mad transfer of property ensued after january 1. the state could conceivably take that land rightfully owned by the city back. >> i don't think anyone thought that the state would come in and seize the convention center. >> reporter: the state has taken no such actions yet, but could it? we went to our elected representatives for answers but they weren't much help. for three days, nbc bay area contacted more than a dozen legislators, all of whom tea clind our interview requests. that list includes assembly member paul fong who by the way currently represents the city of santa clara, fellow south bay rep jim bell, senate majority leader ellen core bet and senator elaine alquist who also
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represents santa clara but whoo we're told is out of the state right now. >> i'm not sure it is a legitimate defense. it is not normally, doesn't have legal standing. >> reporter: we went to terry christianson who taught political science at san jose state for 40 years and has literally written textbooks on local government. he said california might actually get away with the land grab. >> historically, it has always been recognized that the states are superior in authority to local government. so this i think would be the state's argument on the retro activity issue. we're the boss. we can do this. >> reporter: unless the property under review fits one of three criteria. the land was transferred before january 1, 2011. was contractually committed to a third party before the law was signed. or programs more pertinently, qualifies as having a clear government purpose. what exactly is a clear government purpose? according to hd palmer of the department of finance, it is defined by state law in broad terms as, quote, assets such as
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roads, school buildings, parks, police, fire stations, libraries, and local agency administrative buildings. omitted in that list. no mention of convention centers or theme parks. >> you cannot justify this. some thing are right and some are wrong and this is wrong. >> reporter: what some city leaders told me, they moved their assets specificly to strengthen their legal position. leaders like him knew the state was coming after their money and they made a power play. that does not change the fact that california can conceivably take taxpayer funneleded land away from a city like santa clara or many others under the guise of redevelopment, making the claim true and the local government's potentially very deep. nbc news. >> it is a powerful issue. california is in the game. just one day after a record high powerball jackpot, the state lottery commission decided to join the 42 other states that
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play the game. the $2 game is played like the mega millions game here in california. you choose five numbers and a powerball number. draws are every wednesday and saturday. the one major difference is that powerball start at $40 million and increase by $10 million with every roll. with california now in the mix, lottery official believe that someday there could be a billion-dollar jackpot. powerball sale are set to begin here in california next april. the winning tickets for last night's record jackpot of $587 million were sold in arizona and missouri. the winners will split the pot. more rain, wind on the way. jeff ranieri is on the storm watch. >> we have that wind picking up. some sort of a million-dollar forecast eventually varied in the long term outlook. we'll have more of that coming up which will mean sunshine and bad weather. the win is picking up. 15 to 30 miles at the coast and we're starting to see some prefrontal rain.
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the heaviest rainfall is still eight to ten hours away. and in advance of that slow moving system system. you may see on the street, if you live at the coast or the north bay, you'll be wanting to watch out very, very closely and stay alert. we're most of the consistent rainfall into the north bay. right on the highway 101 corridor. that's our biggest concern. some heavier pockets of rain there in san raffaele. likely reducing visibility. not too heavy for the south bay or peninsula but it is more that annoying rainfall as you head out. it is that mist. even though it is not coming down hard, the windshield wyomingers are going back and forth. upper 50s and low 60s. outside in that sky camera network, what you're going to find is, well, it looks tranquil in san francisco. we've got the rain coming down. it will be a lot different for tomorrow morning with some of the heavier rainfall expected to push in to san francisco and also, other regions. here's that latest storm sitting in the pacific.
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the thing about this as compared to the last storm. it has a lot more rainfall with it and it will be so slow moving. it will enable it to push in all this pacific moisture over the next 36 hours. that's why most of us will see anywhere from one to three inches of rain. to the north bay hills, we could see five plus inches. let's get you into the futurecast. we'll start to see that rain develop off to the south. we're going to see that heaviest rainfall hold off until tomorrow morning's commute. 5:00, 6:00, 7:00 in the morning, we'll get the heaviest round to the south bay. eventually we may get some areas of sun in here as we head throughout friday afternoon. it won't be wet all day long. and then as we head throughout saturday, what we'll find is another wave of energy. it will keep some showers in place across the bay area. we heard about the los gatos holiday event. let's look at that rain. we'll have some showers. by the evening hours, you may be saved from some of the heavier rainfall. some good news for you down there in los gatos. we'll have more coming up in
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that seven-day forecast when that sun does return. and when this rainfall end. >> okay. thanks so much. still ahead at 6:00. >> reporter: it's rainy scene which means it is skiing season. coming up, the silicon valley way to virtually ski the slopes before you drive to the slopes. and it's not your typical car crash. the surprising scenario that led to quite an accident this morning in the east bay. and george lucas' plan in the bay area that will certainly attract plenty of star wars fans.
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be careful when you sneeze. a sneezing fit is being blamed for a major accident that caused nearly a dozen cars at a used car lot in san leandro. the driver said he lost control of his three axle truck this morning while driving on east 14th street. as he was sneezing, he lost control. his truck jumped the curb,
6:25 pm
plowed into several used commercial cars and trucks at ed auto center. thankfully, no one was hurt and the driver was not cited. >> we have ruled out any possible of alcohol or drugs being involved. it is unfortunate, you know. sneezing is not against the law. i would say it would be a little intannive to his driving. >> sneezing is not against the law. caltrans soaked up 30 gallons of fuel that leaked from one of the trucks. the driver was identified as antonio zamora of modesto. there will be a prestigious film debut. the sundance film festival announced it will screen fruitvale, a movie detailing grant's final hours before he was shot and killed by the police officer. saying grant's mother in the movie is academy award winner octavia spencer who started in the help. oscar gran is being played by michael b. jordan from friday
6:26 pm
night life and parenthood. george lucas is bringing a piece of hollywood to the bay area. plans are in the works to build a small park in downtown san anselmo. the park would be home to two bronze statues of indiana jones a and yoda. he lives there and is donating the land. there is a building there now but the plan is to demolish it and open the park by next summer. it will be marked for the america's com. it could be the biggest bake sale in history. we'll tell you how many company are interested in buying hostess and the twinkies that come with it. coming up, talking turkey and eating it, too. the president and mitt romney sit down for lunch at the white house. secretary of state hillary clinton reveals the blueprint for an aids-free generation.
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>> reporter: a supreme court decision may mean wedding bell for thousands of gay couples in california. i'm cheryl hurd. i'll explain. you know how much grandma wanted to be here for your fist christmas? you see grandma lives waaaay down here, and you live way up here. brian, your cousin, he's a little bit older than you,
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he lives here, in chicago. and your aunt lisa lives here, in baltimore. uncle earnie? waaay out in hawaii. but don't you worry, we will always be together for christmas. [ male announcer ] being together is the best part of the holidays and cheerios is happy to be part of the family. you just ate dallas!
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preparations are underway at san francisco city hall for same sex marriages to begin again. they could resume in days, months or never. >> the united states supreme court might address this controversial issue tomorrow. nbc bay area's cheryl hurd explain this complex situation. >> i feel like we're seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. >> reporter: jeff and his partner tom watson are waiting for the day they can legally be married in california. they were fifth in line two years ago to get their marriage license when the courts ded to put gay marriage on hold. >> you think that your relationship is just like being married. but that once you are married, it changes. it is different. and it brings a whole new dimension. and yet another set of joys.
6:30 pm
>> reporter: on friday, nine supreme court justices are scheduled to meet behind closed doors and decide if they will take a series of cases. one of them is the federal defense of marriage act. the other is proposition 8. the ban on same sex marriage in california. >> it is very, very likely the court will take at least one of the cases, challenging the federal defense of marriage act. that's the federal law that prevents the federal government from recognizing the marriages of same sex couples, even in states where it is legal for them to get married. >> reporter: marriage is legal in nine states. plus, the district of columbia. but here in california, proposition 8 is standing in the way of gay couples tying the knot. those who think marriage could only be between a man and a woman believe the high court will hear their case. >> this is something that fundamentally belongs to the people and their elected representatives to decide what marriage means and whether we're going to experiment with it.
6:31 pm
>> even if they deny the prop 8 case, that doesn't mean the next day you can do gay marriage in san francisco. it mean the case has to be returned back to the ninth circuit. the ninth circuit has to return it back to the district court. >> reporter: if the supreme court gives the green light for gay couples to get married in california, tom and jeff say they'll be first in line. in san francisco, cheryl hurd, inning bay area news. president obama and u.s. lawmakers are no closer to avoiding the fiscal cliff, according to house speaker john boehner. each party blame the other for failing to outline considerable spending cuts. president obama sent vice president joe biden out today to do some holiday shopping and highlight the spors of renewing middle class tax cuts so families can feel more secure. biden went to a washington area costco and chatted it up with staff and was followed around the store by a huge crowd, as you can see. his favorite part like many who go to costco, try out the free samples. he spoke about the importance of
6:32 pm
renewing the tax cuts. >> so i think it is important that coming act now. i mean, right now. all it has to do is take a single vote to extend the middle class tax cuts. >> reporter: biden bought cookies, children's books and apple pie, and a 32-inch flat screen tv. he decline an offer to buy a set of tires saying i don't drive anymore. envelop the president had a notable lunch guest at the white house today. his former rival, mitt romney. the get-together mark their first meeting since facing off in the third presidential debate. the menu was made public. turkey chilly and southwestern grilled chicken salad. in his election, you might recall president obama promised to meet with romney. they posed as you can see here for an official photograph in the oval office. but since it was not a media event, no news cameras were inside. they said it foegsed on manager's leadership in the
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world. long battle over an oyster farm appears to be over. the farm supplies 40% of california's oysters was trying to extend its lease on national park land. today farm got a decision. nbc bay area has the new details. >> reporter: gray skies loom over pth reyes this morning with the appropriate back drop. >> today is a day that's hard to believe. >> reporter: at 9:30 a.m., he got a call from u.s. interior secretary ken salazar letting hill know his century-old oyster farm on national park land would have to go. >> the secretary said that he considered the facts, that it is a really difficult decision to hear. >> but tend most difficult part was telling his 30 workers including jorge that they would soon be without jobs. >> this is my job.
6:34 pm
right now, i lost my job, i lost my house. too bad. >> reporter: salazar's decision capped the seven-year battle over drake's bay oyster company, the 1976 congressional act declared it be turned into wilderness but granted the oyster farm a 40-year lease which expires tomorrow. lenny believes the lease should be extended. >> we knew the facts so well that we expected a very different decision. we can't understand the decision. >> reporter: but for environmentalists to argue the oyster farm disrupted the marine life was a day of celebration. >> we are overjoyed. we're just so grateful to secretary salazar for having the courage to do the right thing. to honor the 1976 wilderness act. >> reporter: according to the decision, the farm will have to cease commercial operations after tomorrow. the owners will have 90 days to clean out all property, including a million oysters
6:35 pm
still in the estuary. lenny said he was weighing his options under a heavy heart. >> to be given one day to cease operations. this is beyond imaginable. >> reporter: nbc bay area news. there have been two notable developments for hostess today. the snack company got approval to give $1.8 million in bonuses. that money is incentive for 19 of its top managers who will oversee the company's liquidation. the liquidation process for the bankrupt company could take a year and will rule in more than 18,000 jobs lost. hostess also announce that had twinkies and ho hoes and its other products will likely live on. 110 potential buyers are interested in its iconic brand. in health matters, secretary of state hillary clinton said an aids-free generation is possible. today she revealed a blue principle for how to accomplish that goal. the plan includes getting more
6:36 pm
infected people on aids drugs. circumstance you will sizing men in high risk, circumstan countr. these can create a path to getting the epidemic under control. >> as we continue to drive down the number of new infections, and drive up the number of people on treatment, eventually we will be able to treat more people than become infected every year. that will be the tipping point. we will then get ahead of the pandemic and an aids-free generation will be in our sights. >> she shows the positive effects it will be. what it does not show is how much it will take and where that money will come from. 1 in 88 children are diagnosed with some form of autism, said the centers for disease control and prevention
6:37 pm
statistics. this number has risen over the past decade despite the more than $1 billion spent on research. they met with experts to determine what they've discovered so far. experts show it is more prevalent in boys and minority children as well as toward upgraded screening equipment doctors use to diagnose young children. the local girls high school basketball team is getting national attention. plus, a gran debate. the new questions over a national treasure. and we'll take you skiing virtually. and good evening. i'm jeff ranieri. we're tracking the storm as that rain moves in. it of course will stick around for tomorrow morning, expecting not only the rain but also wind. temperature in the 60s as we head throughout friday. we're tracking plenty of wet weather. if you're headed to the sierra,
6:38 pm
win storm warnings in place.
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6:40 pm
a couple of scientists are locked in a stand-off over the hits triof the grand canyon. a geologist from the university of colorado says in a new study that the canyon may be more than 70 million years old, and that it was visited by dinosaurs. but a geologist at the university of new mexico said that is ludicrous. he said the gorge was carved by the colorado river only 5 million years ago. the new study points to test that's seem to show the canyon was formed tens of millions of years earlier by an ancient river which flowed in the opposite direction of the colorado river. for those of us who ski,
6:41 pm
this is really cool. even if you don't ski, you're coming with us. >> scott budman shows us how google is mapping in the snow. >> reporter: it is ski season. time to hit the slopes. before you rental the gear, get into the car and make the drive, you can check the view. thanks to google street view which hit the slopes to map out your downhill trek. with snow mobiles full of computer equipment in the snow. >> when we started doing this, we had equipment frozen. it was so cold that it stopped working. the first collection had the operators. >> reporter: eventually they got it right and the view is both cool and interactive. the kind of thing that might just boost business at the ski renter. >> to check it out and say this is what to expect when i'm at
6:42 pm
the top, ready to go down. and the maps are trailed out. they can take a look at what to expect visually. >> reporter: like the underwater view and original street view, google wants to map pretty much everything to give you an early peek at what you might do next. >> see how steep it is, how open it is. how the lifts look. >> reporter: one note, the view isn't live so the slopes play changed a bit. >> the conditions always change. it is mother nature. it might snow a lot one day. it might rain more. it might seem more sunny. >> reporter: so check the hills. if you're curious about say, the temperature, that's on your computer, too. in mountain view, scott budman. nbc bay area news. >> the computers are doing it all. go for it. >> you get to read the computers and deliver it. >> we're doing that for you as
6:43 pm
we head throughout this weekend. it won't be wet nonstop from friday through sunday. we'll let you know about a brief break coming up. here's what's coming up in sports. it was just yesterday the 49ers head coach jim harbaugh named colin kaepernick the starting quarterback. and today it was alex smith's turn. he spoke to the media for the first time since losing his job. we have a full report on what everyone is talking about next.
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a flash flood watch here for the immediate coastline. also for all of you living in the north bay. it will be the north bay where the concern will be. three to six inches of rainfall expected there. for a lot of you who may not be familiar with this, flash flood watch means we could have some quick rising waters on the streets in those areas highlighted in green. one of the biggest concerns will be in guernesville. the rain is very enter mit enlt. it is ahead of the cold front.
6:46 pm
that will bring the heaviest rainfall tomorrow morning. it is not too heavy. more misty and showery in nature. you can see a good band happening on interstate 80. that will be enough to slow down traffic if you're headed from the bay area into sacramento. for the south bay, you've seen the least amount when it comes to rainfall. we've got some showers continuing to develop from the north to the south. you'll see more of that with some heavier rainfall on tap. let's take you outside that hd. we'll track that rain. psych the roadways are wet in emeryville as you approach the bay bridge. and once again tomorrow morning, it is going to be quite a mess on this view. as my colleague christina loren will be tracking that. we have three more waves of energy coming our way. the next is lining up. we're being impacted by it right now. it will continue to get here tonight. it will linger about two days. that's why we're talking about this flash flooding concern at the coastline. also for the north bay.
6:47 pm
that will get out of here for saturday. then here comes the fourth and final system in the storms. we'll have a hard time draining out. we'll find this heaviest rainfall gradually pushing to the south. even by 11:00 p.m., it looks like the north bay will be getting in on that rainfall biffle tomorrow morning, 4:00, 5:00, 6:00, that heaviest band of rain will be across the south bay and for the east bay. that morning commute. not only that but some wind we'll be tracking as well. as we head throughout the afternoon and evening hours, we get a little break. it won't be nonstop as we head throughout friday and saturday. even on saturday it will be more showery in nature. and then we get that final stronger storm here as we head into late saturday night and into sunday. let's get a look at the rainfall totals. the other thing i want to point out. a lot of you into the north bay, that's our flood concern.
6:48 pm
for the eastern bay, totals between 1 and a half to two and a half inches. it won't be as big a deal as to our neighbors in the north. for that wind as we head throughout friday morning. we could see the winds peak at 50 miles an hour. that could mean more power outages. trees down and then we'll get the winds relaxing by the evening. as the river levels go, the russian river will be our highest concern. 6.7 feet. expected to hit 29.1 feet on monday. that will take it to action stage. right now it looks to stay at flood stage. tonight's temperature, low to mid 50s with the cool air and the moisture. we'll have some areas . on your three-day forecast, we'll get a few breaks in here on saturday and then we'll get that final storm on sunday. we'll get some showers on
6:49 pm
tuesday and wednesday. it won't be heavy rainfall. that's the good news. the ground zero should be able to drain out quite a bit as we head throughout next week. >> we can do it. the new season tips off for high school basketball players around the bay area. one team of young women in oakland is already getting national attention. nbc's lawrence scott has the champions still basking in the spotlight. here's it's the start of a new season. it is the hardware from last season's state championship and on the court, a constant reminder of that title for a squad that has just been named the preseason number one in the nation. our goal was to be number one in the nation starting in the year at the end of the year. >> that's the head coach who shares the most remarkable aspect. that four of the team have
6:50 pm
committed to division one schools. >> casey waters is headed to cal. then this player is headed to duke. and one to san diego state and last but not least, brianna brown headed to virginia tech. >> for waters, staying close to home by choosing cal is the perfect situation. >> there is nothing like being on the west coast. and everything i get from being up here. where they're going, i know they're hungry and that fits me personally. i'm always excited and hungry for the next thing. >> and for cheatham, she was part of the team won goal at the fbia world championships in august and was ranked as one of the top ten. it has been quite the journey since her freshman year. >> freshman year i was still learning the game. it was a work in progress. seeing the seniors in the past, you know, seeing what they've done. remembering their moments. i want to create a moment and i want to be remembered in this
6:51 pm
program. >> now for the team it is about taking the recognition being considered the nation's best and using it as further motivation. >> we have a road to travel. if we were small, it would still be a target. no problem. >> lawrence scott. now let's bring in jim kozimor. alex spoke. >> oh, boy. did he ever. it was something else to see. on wednesday, 49ers head coach jim harbaugh told us what we already had assumed. that colin kaepernick would be the new starting quarterback for the 49ers. take alex smith addressed his demotion in a raw session with the media. our reporter was in santa clara and has more. >> it sucks, yeah. i don't know what else to say. >> reporter: that pretty much says it all. alex smith, the now back-up quarterback speaking publicly for the first time since his
6:52 pm
demotion on wednesday. >> were you prepared for it in. >> yeah. for sure, yeah. i knew just based off the last couple weeks the way thing had gone, yeah. i didn't know it was going to happen. >> some would argue not likely. smith was playing at the highest level of his career. the final eight quarters before leaving the rams game with a concussion were way above a game manager. >> i feel like i've done that. i feel like the only thing did i to lose my job was get a concussion. >> what makes it worse for smith is that the team is rolling in first place in nfc west. 8-2-1. undefeated in the last five games. >> i feel like there is something going on. you sacrifice and invest so much time. like i said, i really feel like i haven't done anything besides get a concussion. to really, i feel like i'm playing good football.
6:53 pm
>> reporter: as far as any resentment toward coach harbaugh, a man who has been given his share of credit. >> no resentment. that's what he gets paid to do. i play football. he's the head coach. i'll continue to get ready. >> reporter: smith was asked if he tried to talk coach harbaugh out of the decision saying no, coach is not the type of guy who changes his mind. that clearly he had put a lot of thought into the decision. in santa clara with the 49ers. dave feldman, nbc bay area news. >> thanks very much. the raiders' linebacker with that not to tan this morning's practice. the eighth overall pick in the 2010 nfl draft is still officially listed on the team's roster but his future with the team appears bleak. less than a week removed from
6:54 pm
their 35-17 victory over ucla to wrap up the pac-12 title. the stanford football team are preparing to host the pac-12 championship game this friday. their opponents in those very same bruins of ucla despite the familiarity, head coach david shaw doesn't want the eighth ranked cardinal to lose track of what is at stake. the school's 13th conference time. >> there is a certainal of carryover. at the same time, you have to tweak it. you have to change it. give them something different to think about. you have to give your players something to think about so they don't kind of feel like it is the same old thing over again. we have thing we have to work on. things we added and changed. we want to make sure we perfected that. >> good luck to the cardinal on friday. earthquakes, he capital a career year. he was named the most valuable player. as he danville native. he tied with 27 goals this season. he wanted a land slide.
6:55 pm
about 26% of the total votes. the league management, great news. that will do it for a busy day in sports. raj? back to you. >> for a full half-hour of local sports coverage, you can watch "sportsnet central" on comcast bay area.
6:56 pm
6:57 pm
tonight at 11:00, we're tracking the storm and we'll update the timing and the morning commute. we'll show you the hot spots and where to avoid tomorrow. also, is it the end of the world again? the doom day prediction and the truth behind it. that's tonight at 11:00. coming up next, we'll have
6:58 pm
more news on comcast 186. and we hope to see you all back here at 11:00. >> thank you for joining us.
6:59 pm
>> now on "extra" -- [captioning made possible by warner bros. domestic television distribution] >> lindsey in handcuffs. under arrest again. >> are you kidding? >> new info on ore -- her big apple brawl. reports she was drinking and doing cocaine. >> and who alleg

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